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The Fortis Business Development Model:

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Embarking on a journey of self-awareness, it's imperative to conduct a comprehensive deep dive into our business. This encompasses an assessment of our current stance within our market segments, a detailed evaluation of our products or services, a review of our capabilities, and an alignment check with our overarching strategic company goals. Complementing this self-examination is a rigorous SWOT Analysis, which brings to light our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By harnessing this analysis, we can collaboratively develop a lucid picture of our comparative position against competitors and precisely pinpoint where our strategy should be channeled.
Our approach offers focused industry insights that present a concentrated snapshot of the immediate trends or challenges that our clients are confronting. This is coupled with a targeted competitive analysis that zeroes in on specific competitors who are of immediate concern or certain facets of the competitive landscape that warrant closer attention. Recognizing the value of timely information, we ensure swift feedback on distinct market segments or pressing concerns. To further tailor our service to client needs, we also provide short-term market forecasts that are adapted to their immediate timeframes.
To successfully navigate your company's market segment, it's essential to first identify the key federal agencies and departments that have a significant influence. A comprehensive review of market trends is crucial, taking into account budget allocations, forthcoming projects, and the government's stated priorities. Another indispensable step is the examination of current and past Requests for Proposals (RFPs). By doing this, we can gain a deeper understanding of the common requirements and expectations set forth by these federal entities. An analysis of the government’s historical spending patterns in relation to our target markets provides invaluable insights. From this, we can determine any cyclical patterns present, as well as indications of whether budgets in our sector are expanding or contracting.
It's paramount to first identify the key decision-makers and stakeholders in any project, as they often hold the reins to its direction and outcomes. Alongside this, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the compliance standards and certifications relevant to the target domain is essential. This ensures that all efforts align with the established criteria. To further solidify our position, it's crucial to be prepared not just to meet, but to exceed these requirements. Crafting development strategies and proposals with this mindset positions us at the forefront, ensuring our offerings are both competitive and compliant.
Recognizing and understanding the competition is a foundational step in our approach. This involves identifying main competitors and undertaking a thorough evaluation of their strengths, weaknesses, market share, and past performance. Coupled with this is an in-depth market share and growth analysis, where we assess our own presence within the market and project the available opportunities within that segment. But we don't stop at current insights—strategic intent and future projections play a vital role in anticipating a competitor’s upcoming moves. Armed with this foresight, we can then develop strategies designed to capitalize on these movements. Essential to this entire process is an acute understanding of our key differentiators, which can provide us with a distinct advantage over the competition.
In the endeavor to position our company advantageously within the market, we begin by deeply researching and understanding its landscape. This entails conducting a robust needs assessment, critically evaluating the regulatory environment, and closely studying the budget forecasts. From this foundation, we then identify potential opportunities, leveraging forecasting techniques, analyzing past contracts, and seeking out promising subcontracting ventures. But beyond just recognizing opportunities, it's pivotal to evaluate and capitalize on our inherent strengths—this includes leaning on our certifications, utilizing set-asides, and showcasing our proven track record from past performances. As we venture into new segments, we meticulously identify barriers, pinpoint key opportunities, and discern the essential customers and programs that will allow us to rapidly capture a significant market share, all while strategically positioning ourselves for sustained growth in the future. At the heart of these endeavors lies a comprehensive bid strategy, encompassing an effective pricing methodology, a compelling proposal development process, and a sound risk management approach.
Searches, tailored to your organization’s unique characteristics, capabilities, & goals. Identify actionable, strategically aligned opportunities.
Daily search results are reviewed and validated to identify opportunities that are relevant to your strategy and goals.
We qualify opportunities with an internal team review to ensure proper fit and ROI.
Opportunities that offer appropriate value are disseminated with past performance references and a baseline strategy for gate review/bid-no-bid.
We conduct Monthly reviews of pipeline opportunities & make necessary adjustments to strategies/goals for Navigate going forward.


Fortis excels in devising strategies to secure specific opportunities for customers. We unravel the complexities of government requisites, applying tailored solutions to position your firm as the prime candidate. Our experts analyze market landscapes, pinpointing opportunity specific-related prospects, and develop compliant, persuasive proposals to ensure a competitive edge. We facilitate sustained growth and enduring federal relationships by developing winning strategies that help achieve your corporate goals. Propel your business to the forefront of government contracting with Fortis as your dedicated partner in strategy development.
Fortis is your pivotal partner in adept capture planning, meticulously aligning your firm’s capabilities with federal contract requirements. We dive deep into opportunity analysis, discerning client needs and competitor landscapes to position your company optimally. Our strategic insights help refine your value proposition, ensuring alignment with government priorities and maximizing win probabilities. Fortis’s capture planning is your conduit to securing pivotal contracts, optimizing your approach, and navigating the competitive government contracting sphere with precision and insight. Achieve unparalleled success and foster lasting federal partnerships with our strategic capture planning solutions.
Fortis delivers cutting-edge competitive assessments, empowering your firm to distinguish itself in your target market. By leveraging precise analytics and industry insight, we meticulously evaluate your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, and strategies. This comprehensive understanding enables the refinement of your unique value propositions and strategic positioning. Our expert assessments provide a clear roadmap to outperform competition and align offerings seamlessly with customer expectations and market demands. With Fortis, elevate your strategic advantage and propel your firm to unparalleled heights in your desired federal contracting domains.
Fortis offers insightful gap analysis services, meticulously identifying disparities between current operations and desired goals in federal contracting landscapes. We scrutinize existing strategies, processes, and capabilities, comparing them against industry benchmarks and federal requisites to reveal areas for enhancement. Our detailed analysis illuminates pathways to align your firm’s offerings with government expectations, ensuring competitive advantage. Fortis’s gap analysis is instrumental in formulating actionable strategies to elevate operational efficacy, optimize resource allocation, and secure pivotal contracts. Transform potential into performance and realize your firm’s full contracting potential with Fortis’s comprehensive gap analysis.
Fortis leads in developing astute pricing strategies, ensuring your bids are competitive and compelling in the federal marketplace. We analyze market trends, competitor pricing, and government budgets to align your proposals with fiscal expectations, maximizing contract win potential. Our tailored strategies balance competitiveness with profitability, enabling your firm to offer exceptional value while maintaining financial robustness. With Fortis, navigate the intricate landscape of government contracting pricing with clarity and confidence. Optimize your bid’s appeal and secure lucrative contracts with our strategic pricing expertise.
Fortis excels in creating dynamic teaming strategies to elevate your collaborative endeavors in the federal sector. We identify synergistic partnerships, leveraging complementary strengths to formulate cohesive, winning propositions. Our methodologies focus on aligning collective capabilities with contract requirements, ensuring your consortia are robust and competitive. Fortis’s insights empower your alliances, fostering mutual growth, and enhancing bid attractiveness through strategic collaboration. Unlock transformative opportunities and build enduring partnerships with our innovative teaming strategies, positioning your collaborative ventures at the zenith of federal contracting success.
Fortis pioneers in strategic sourcing of key management personnel, enhancing your leadership arsenal in the federal contracting realm. We harness an extensive network and adept selection methodologies to identify and secure exemplary talents, perfectly aligning with your firm’s mission and the intricacies of government projects. Our approach prioritizes candidates with a proven track record in navigating the federal landscape, ensuring your team is equipped with unparalleled expertise and insight. With Fortis, fortify your organizational core with elite management personnel, driving your firm to new pinnacles of success in competitive government contracting.
Fortis specializes in streamlined government interface services, facilitating seamless interactions between your firm and federal entities. We navigate the bureaucratic intricacies, ensuring clear, compliant communications and fostering robust relationships with government stakeholders. Our adept team manages negotiations, clarifications, and submissions meticulously, aligning your proposals with government objectives and expectations. Elevate your federal presence and enhance customer rapport with Fortis’s expert interface services, ensuring your venture resonates effectively in the government sector.


Fortis provides exceptional proposal management services, meticulously crafting your submissions to resonate with federal requirements and expectations. We oversee the entire lifecycle, from initial analysis to final submission, ensuring each element is honed to perfection. Our seasoned team coordinates diverse inputs, aligning technical, financial, and strategic components into a cohesive, compelling package. With a keen eye for detail and compliance, we refine narratives, validate solutions, and optimize pricing, presenting your capabilities in the most favorable light. Fortis’s proposal management transcends conventional approaches, elevating your bids to new heights of clarity, compliance, and competitiveness, maximizing your chances of securing pivotal government contracts.
Fortis delivers superior technical writing services, transforming complex concepts into clear, compliant, and compelling content. Our expert writers specialize in articulating your technological proficiencies and solutions with precision, aligning seamlessly with federal requirements. We focus on clarity, coherence, and conciseness, ensuring your proposals resonate effectively with government stakeholders. With Fortis, elevate your submissions with immaculate technical documentation that stands out in the competitive federal contracting landscape, enhancing your prospects of securing pivotal contracts.
Fortis offers meticulous color team reviews, enhancing the precision, compliance, and competitiveness of your proposals. Our multidisciplinary team of experts scrutinizes your submissions at various stages, providing comprehensive feedback and actionable insights to refine content, structure, and alignment with federal requisites. We ensure your proposals resonate with clarity, coherence, and compelling value propositions, elevating their appeal to government evaluators. Rely on Fortis's detailed color team reviews to perfect your submissions, optimize your bid’s impact, and secure a winning edge in the federal contracting arena.
Fortis delivers premium proposal copy editing and desktop publishing services, ensuring your submissions are polished, professional, and compelling. Our editors refine syntax, grammar, and style, while our publishers focus on layout, typography, and visuals, presenting your content in the most accessible and attractive manner. We enhance coherence, compliance, and readability, aligning your proposals meticulously with federal standards. With Fortis, elevate the quality and presentation of your proposals, ensuring they stand out and leave a lasting impression in the competitive government contracting landscape.
Fortis offers precise estimating services, equipping your proposals with accurate, competitive, and credible cost projections. We delve into meticulous analysis, considering all variables, contingencies, and federal expectations to formulate reliable and compelling estimates. Our experts blend industry insight with advanced techniques to ensure your bids reflect financial prudence, value, and alignment with government budgets. With Fortis, fortify your proposals with impeccable estimates, enhancing your bid’s competitiveness and your likelihood of securing pivotal federal contracts.
Fortis excels in crafting meticulous cost volume solutions, ensuring your proposals are financially compelling and compliant with government expectations. We analyze every cost element in detail, integrating them into a coherent, transparent, and defensible financial framework. Our team specializes in aligning your financial propositions with value, balancing competitiveness with profitability. With Fortis, present your cost volumes with unparalleled precision and clarity, optimizing your bid's appeal and fostering confidence among federal evaluators, thereby elevating your chances of contract acquisition.
Fortis provides elite rate development services, formulating competitive, transparent, and defensible rate structures for your federal proposals. We dissect each cost element, aligning them with government expectations and industry standards, ensuring your rates are compelling and justifiable. Our expertise in developing rates focuses on balancing competitiveness with sustainability, allowing your bid to stand out while maintaining profitability. Entrust your rate development to Fortis, and let our precision and insights amplify your bid’s attractiveness and your chances of securing pivotal government contracts.
Fortis specializes in advanced value engineering, optimizing your solutions for maximum impact and cost-effectiveness in federal proposals. We meticulously analyze functions, materials, and processes, identifying opportunities to enhance value and performance. Our innovative approaches ensure your offerings not only meet governmental needs but exceed them, showcasing superior value without compromising quality. With Fortis, transform your proposals with elevated value propositions, guaranteeing standout submissions that resonate with efficiency, innovation, and unparalleled value in the competitive government contracting sphere.

More Services

Grey Beard

The Fortis Greybeard Team harnesses the expertise, experience, and relationships of former SIS and SES government officials to empower federal contractors with unparalleled insights and access to ARC procurements and Intelligence Community (IC) programs. This elite group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) navigates companies through niche markets, typically inaccessible, opening avenues to new revenue streams. Greybeard SMEs provide crucial visibility and professional networking opportunities with government and contractor personnel, offering guidance during monthly reviews and facilitating customer engagement to enable successful IC captures. Greybeard is not just a consultancy; it’s a gateway to evolving opportunities within the federal landscape, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the competitive government contracting arena.

Cloud Consulting

Our latest offering, Fortis Cloud Consulting evolved out of customer need; similar to Navigate and Grey Beard. We offer specialized cloud consultants to ensure a fortified and seamless digital experience. Our commitment goes beyond guidance. We validate your digital stride, optimize security, and assess best operating procedures.

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