Empowering federal government contractors, big and small, with business development expertise.

A Novel Approach To Market Intelligence

Deep dive market analysis,competitive assessment, and strategy development all serve to ensure your firm is maximizing revenue potential. Investigate new markets segments, expand services, analyze customers, and develop business effectively and efficiently.

You can’t make decisions on the path forward if you are not certain of your location and the available options.

Business Development

Navigate was created as our answer to the challenges businesses face when working  to grow, or even survive, in the Federal Marketplace. We provide our customers with consistent market visibility and contractor/opportunity fit assessments. Our process validates your positioning and realistic ROI potential.

Grey Beard

The Fortis Greybeard Team harnesses the expertise, experience, and relationships of former SIS and SES government officials to empower federal contractors with unparalleled insights and access to ARC procurements and Intelligence Community (IC) programs. This elite group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) navigates companies through niche markets, typically inaccessible, opening avenues to new revenue streams. Greybeard SMEs provide crucial visibility and professional networking opportunities with government and contractor personnel, offering guidance during monthly reviews and facilitating customer engagement to enable successful IC captures. Greybeard is not just a consultancy; it’s a gateway to evolving opportunities within the federal landscape, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the competitive government contracting arena.

Cloud Consulting

Our latest offering, Fortis Cloud Consulting evolved out of customer need; similar to Navigate and Grey Beard. We offer specialized cloud consultants to ensure a fortified and seamless digital experience. Our commitment goes beyond guidance. We validate your digital stride, optimize security, and assess best operating procedures.

Meet the Team
Stephen Kiernan

As the CEO of Fortis, Stephen Kiernan stands at the forefront of operational excellence and strategic leadership. With a distinguished background in Business Development and Capture leadership, he has expertise in the O&M, Logistics, Construction, and Intelligence support sectors. His prowess spans Intelligence Analysis, Capture Management, Government Sales, and Operational Planning.

Derek VanAllen

Serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Fortis, Derek VanAllen guides the team towards the future of their essential services. As the Director of Navigate, he is responsible for the development and maintenance of comprehensive pipelines and oversees baseline capture activities.


Stephen Kiernan Sr. boasts an impressive career spanning over 30 years, with deep knowledge in Federal cost estimation, corporate strategy, and compliance. As the Director of Cost and Finance at Fortis LLC, he diligently aids Federal Contractors and US Government bodies. Beyond his practical experience, Stephen has a degree in Architecture & Engineering.

Josh Karanouh-Schuler

Josh Karanouh-Schuler, the Director of Systems and Infrastructure at Fortis, has a mission that revolves around bolstering the company's technological foundation. Beyond this, he actively works on innovating and crafting tools designed to enhance internal operations and improve client experiences, all the while focusing on reliability and future-centric digital solutions.